Victor Chau

Day 1, 21 March 2020
Mass Class (#WEYoga Stage)

Power In Inversions

Duration: 90-mins
Level: All-levels

Empower yourselves with an energising, captivating and upside down vinyasa adventure, closed by a yin yoga practice to calm, soothe and relieve the body and the mind. Power in Inversions is a complete vinyasa system consisting of 10 parts that involves thorough body workout, inversions, backbends, deep stretches and full relaxation. Expect handstand, headstand and forearm balance, this class is suitable for all levels but some experience in yoga is preferred. Beginners’ options will be given to those who are interested to try.

Day 2, 22 March 2020
Mass Class (#WEYoga Stage)

Happy Hips, Happy Days

Duration: 75-mins
Level: All-levels

Based on the Power in Inversions sequence, this yoga class will help you stretch the deepest joint of the human body : the hip joint. It is where we store some of our deepest emotions. Through a dynamic session of hip opening, you will find strength and stability in your hips and will then be able to reach and achieve yoga poses you were never able to achieve before, and perhaps in the process you will release some deep emotions. By the way, you don’t have to be able to put legs behind your head to come to this class. This class is suitable for all levels, just come and have fun.

About Victor Chau

With over 5000 hours of yoga teaching, Victor was a Lululemon ambassador for six years and is today a sought-after yoga teacher in Asia and Europe. He has run over 60 yoga workshops, retreats and teacher trainings, and presented in yoga conferences in over 20 cities in China, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Thailand, India, Spain, New Zealand, Japan and India, specializing in inversions, arm balances and core strengthening, taught in a scientific and safe manner. Victor founded the yoga sequence “Power in Inversions,” a vinyasa practice that empowers every practitioner through inversions, helping them conquer their fear and find strength and directions in their daily lives. Victor is also a programme director of IRIS: Your Escape, the largest yoga and wellness event in Hong Kong. Driven by his passion to nurture and assist new and budding yoga teachers to succeed in the competitive yoga teaching market, Victor co-founded the highly successful Mentorship Weekend Workshop – a post-graduation programme for yoga teachers helping them build up a tight yoga community and kick-start their yoga career.

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