Jasmine Chong

Day 1, 1 August 2020
Mass Class (#WEYoga Stage)


Duration: 75-mins
Level: All-levels

From the founder of Lab Studios, Jasmine Chong, this class was created by combining two of Jasmine’s favourite ways to move. YoBarre delivers the signature Barre Lab burn and Yoga Flow that Yoga Lab is known for – placed together in an intelligent sequence. This class is perfect for beginners. No prior yoga or barre experience required.

About Jasmine Chong

A tenacious and bold leader herself, Jasmine is often inspired by strong women who refuse to allow life to harden them but instead empower themselves to subvert seemingly deterministic circumstances. She is not a stranger to pummelling against odds, making a difficult career change from a corporate job and establishing her own brand. She translates this to her instruction, leading her students through an empowering but healing practice each time she enters the studio.

Jasmine resonates with strong tastes and would love a cup of black coffee or sour plum drink any day. It is of no wonder that she relishes the burn in seated chair — perhaps a reflection of her gritty demeanour. In Jasmine’s classes, expect a mindful but strong practice accessible to all.

Beyond the studio, you might find her indulging in her not-so-occasional guilty pleasure — Bak Chor Mee.

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