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Hiro Landazuri

Day 1, 1 August 2020
Mass Class (#WEYoga Stage)

Functional Flow

Duration: 75-mins
Level: All-levels

Functional Flow focuses on optimizing body movements to see results in our practice. Rather than doing the same thing, find a new perspective on the same asanas. Through these new and functional movements, experience your practice in a way that trains you to move however and whenever you want. A full body flow to increase function on and off the mat. End-range mobility and active stretch focused to prepare your body and mind for anything and everything life has to offer.

Day 2, 2 August 2020

Mass Class (#WEYoga Stage)

The Art Of The Warrior

Duration: 75-mins
Level: All-levels

Art was once defined to me as the combination of mastery of technique mixed with true self-expression. This is flow focused in body, breath and mind and taps into reigniting our passion of the practice and exploring various self-expressions through our body movements. 

About Hiro Landazuri

Hiro started practicing yoga in 2002 while learning various styles of the asana practice. With a history of also dabbling in various movement modalities, from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to numerous team-based sports like basketball and football, Hiro fell into yoga after searching for something to alleviate pain from numerous past injuries and to help make running more enjoyable as it was a passionate hobby that his family shared.

Hiro also studied Biochemistry in university and went on to a graduate medical program in medical pharmacology and cardiopulmonary perfusion. During that time, working in heart and kidney transplant surgical procurement along with open heart bypass surgery, he got to experience first hand part of the inner workings of the body. Throughout this career venture, yoga always was a consistent part of his life in teaching and practice.

After numerous injuries, some during the yoga practice and some outside, Hiro began to pursue a perspective to his love of the yoga practice that would minimize and heal injury along with develop functional strength and flexibility. After seeing tremendous transformations in his own practice and overall health, he applied those same principles to his students and started seeing the same results in his students.

Now Hiro is sharing his unique approach worldwide. Starting from introducing knowledge of the physiology of the human body, using the knowledge in various movement patterns and then applying it to a dynamic yoga practice, so that the practitioner is no longer modifying around injury but understanding steps towards healing, and how to expand the practice from a better understanding of anatomy for those looking to advance in their practice and teaching.

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Tickets launch on
22 November.

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