Day 1, 1 August 2020
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Yin Power Yin

Duration: 75-mins
Level: All-levels

A class where we encapsulate a strong flow with yin before and after. (Yin – Yang – Yin). Should you do yin before yang? Yin after yang? What not both? Feel the benefits of yin to a cold body the enjoy strong and creative flow with yin cool and calm the mind to end your practice. 

Day 2, 2 August 2020
Mass Class (#WEYoga Stage)

Seawalker Flow

Duration: 75-mins
Level: All-levels

Find your flow or Connected Flow. My standard Vinyasa styled class. It brings together a creative sequence that is held of 5-8 breaths per pose then flowed through connecting movement to breath with breath queues, then we drop the breath queues for a final time through. In a studio setting we would go through 1 more time with just the music no queues. This all able finding strength through slow conscious breath connected movement. 

During a +12 year successful career in technical sales, something always felt off. I spent a lot of time looking at and trying to change external factors. I thought that this was the path to happiness. Following a series of professionally and personally challenging life events, I decided to take back control of my life by starting with my health. I quit drinking, went vegetarian, swore off social media, and due to a fortuitous dislocated toe injury found yoga.

About Chris Walker

Yoga initially served as a replacement for physical exercise following the injury. In what may have been my second or third time on the mat, I felt some serious insecurities as yoga was the first physical activity that I wasn’t any good at since I was a kid. Was I a stereotypical guy doing yoga? What does that even mean? What am I even doing here? Is everyone staring at me? To overcome the first, I bought a 30 days for £30 intro to yoga pack at the closest studio to my flat in London and did 26 of 30 days. Once I became more comfortable with the physical practice, yoga not only helped me get past the above mentioned insecurities of being a man on the mat, but it helped me shift my focus on personal growth, happiness, and success inward instead of on external sources.

Yoga became an instrumental part of my personal journey to discover a sense of self and to heal from my past mistakes. It also quickly provided me with a sense of purpose and an outlet for me to be me. For the first time in a long time, I have been able to confidently embrace my sense of self within my own body. I made the courageous decision to leave my well-paid corporate job to pursue my passion of teaching yoga. I combine the scientific way my mind works, my early life religious upbringing, and my search for inner peace and purpose to help my students find their own personal ‘union’ which is what yoga’s all about.

Yoga is union. There can be no right or wrong union, so there can be no right or wrong yoga.

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