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Day 1, 1 August 2020
Acro Village Stage

Everyone Can Fly!

Duration: 90-mins
Level: Beginner

Let’s Fly – Have fun and learn how to fly and base your first acroyoga postures! In this 90 minute class we will take you through some fun connective group and partner warm ups and games, and then up in to the sky, covering some fundamental static acroyoga postures and sharing detail on the theories and principles of acroyoga, helping you to build a strong foundation for your acroyoga practice.

Suitability: Complete beginners, those with some acro experience, anyone looking to have fun. No partner required.

Day 2, 2 August 2020

Acro Village Stage

Acro Flow Basics

Duration: 90-mins
Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Join us and take the next step in your acroyoga practice by entering the world of acro flow, art in motion. This is the practice of flying for longer and moving through poses, so you never have to touch the ground! Through this 90 minute class we will explore a variety of transitions, dynamic entries and exits, and we will explain the techniques and methods for smooth and graceful transitions and flow, before finally linking everything together in to a single beautiful acroflow that you can take away and practice.

Suitability: Beginners and intermediates, those who took Everyone Can Fly!, and anyone looking to have fun and learn an acroflow sequence. No partner required.

Day 2, 2 August 2020

Acro Village Stage

Acro Therapeutics

Duration: 90-mins
Level: All-Levels

Healing flight – Do you want to learn to give and receive incredible relaxing therapeutic flight, and yummy releasing Thai massage? Then join this 90 minute class where we will introduce you to the beautiful, rejuvenating and healing world of acro therapeutics (lunar acroyoga). We will teach various acrotherapeutics, that help to release, stretch and relax your flyers, followed by a Thai yoga massage sequence to rejuvenate tired bases backs and legs. Learning some lunar techniques is essential for maintaining a healthy acroyoga practice and helps to balance out the energetic solar side of the practice.

Suitability: All levels, anyone who wants to give and receive incredible stretching and relaxing therapeutic techniques. No partner required

About Caspian Burrell

Caspian comes from a martial arts background with a black belt in karate, and studied traditional yoga in rishikesh, India before travelling around Asia to share his practice. Based in Bali he regularly teaches and performs acroyoga with Acrospirit which has become his main passion and the style of yoga that he loves to share.

His teaching style is precise, fun and relaxed, providing equal focus to the subtler interpersonal skills and the physical alignment/techniques which are both required to develop a great acroyoga practice.

About Astri

Astri is a Balinese yoga teacher with a background in Balinese dance! She has amassed over 500hr+ hours of yoga trainings and has been dedicated practicing acroyoga for over 4 years. She loves to share acroyoga and wants to pass on the joy, openness and trust that it has given in to her life.

Her style is strong, controlled and yet graceful, as she finds balance and harmony through the movements, whilst her instructing is playful, detailed and fluid, encouraging students to find their own strength and grace in the practice.

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